Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maybe You Should Leave the Nest

I understand that moving back home after college is not for everyone.  You may not get along with your parents or you just do not want to give up your freedom. Moving home does has its drawbacks.

 Lack of Privacy

For the past four years, you could come and go as you please. No one was there to nag you about where you were going and what time you were coming home. You could do what you want without your parents having a clue. When you live at home with mom and dad, you have to live by their rules. This means letting them know when and where you are going to get your next hangover. You also may not be able to bring that hot girl/guy you just met at the club home. For some of you, moving home may put your dating life on ice.

Squander Your Money

Without the responsibility of paying bills, you have more discretionary income. It’s easy to blow your money on clothes, vacations, gadgets, and anything else your heart desire. This defeats the purpose of  you living at home to save for your own place or pay off debt.


The purpose of you moving back home is to get your life together. With mom doing the cooking and cleaning, it’s easy to get comfortable living at home and lose motivation to stand on your own two feet. You begin to depend on your parents to do everything for you. You parents also may treat you like the teenager that left 4(5,6) years ago. After all you are their “baby.”

I’ve experienced some of these drawbacks living at home. My shopaholic tendencies are starting to show again and I’m not always motivated to go after different opportunities. While I prefer not to live at home, I can deal with mom’s craziness until I save enough to survive on my own again. However, everyone is different. Some people prefer to struggle to make it on their own than give up their freedom.  If you feel that living at home is stifling your growth as a man or woman, maybe you should move out.  You decide what’s best for you.

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